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Information On Chiropractic

Below is a video of a misalignment and adjustment.

This motion x-ray video shows a real restriction between spinal bones, a chiropractic adjustment, and then the resulting correction in motion afterwards. This particular chiropractic adjustment was performed with an instrument that produces a series of rapid small thrusts to the restricted area, and is just one of the many different types of ways we can correct problems in your spine and extremity joints at our clinic.

This is a computer animation video of a misalignment/restriction in the neck.

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Advanced Care Chiropractic and Rehab
3043 Boones Creek Road #107
Johnson City, TN 37615
(423) 929-2225

Recommended Chiropractor


“ Dr. Fielden is an excellent Doctor who listens to and treats every patient with understanding and tremendous compassion.”

- Melanie P.

“I would highly recommend Dr. Fielden to anyone looking for chiropractic therapies, but most specifically to those who have never tried chiropractic before and are concerned/afraid of any preconceived notions about chiropractic therapies.”

- Rob B.

“His office staff is great and they were very accommodating with my work schedule during my treatment.”

- Sonja B.

Recommended Chiropractor - White

3043 Boones Creek Road #107

Johnson City, TN 37615

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