"I hurt my back earlier last summer working in the yard and it never got better. I had seen my regular doctor and had a steroid injection which helped some but the pain came back and only seemed to get worse over the next few months. I have been staying with my sister who has a two story house. My pain was so intense that I couldn't get up the steps to my second floor bedroom. An MRI finally confirmed a herniated disc. After discussing options with my regular doctor, I decided instead to give Dr. Fielden a call. Dr. Fielden's office worked me in right away and after two to three weeks of treatment, I was feeling almost 100% again. I could actually feel a difference after each treatment! Dr. Fielden is an excellent Doctor who listens to and treats every patient with understanding and tremendous compassion. Thank you Dr. Fielden. You are the BEST!"

- Melanie P.

"I suffered an injury to my neck, back and shoulder after lifting a heavy object. I was experiencing a very high level of pain in all those areas along with numbness in my hand. Upon recommendation from a friend, I called Dr. Fielden's office and they saw me immediately. Dr. Fielden quickly diagnosed my injury and explained in detail what had happened and began treatment that same day. He was able to give me an idea of how long to expect to recover for my type of injury (pinched nerve) and he was very encouraging to me when I needed it. Approximately 4 weeks later, I was totally pain free and the numbness in my hand was gone. I am so thankful to Dr. Fielden for getting me back to wellness again. He is an excellent doctor and I highly recommend him. In addition, his office staff is great and they were very accommodating with my work schedule during my treatment."

- Sonja B.

"Dr. Kevin Fielden is a highly skilled, intelligent, and personable chiropractic practitioner with a deep rooted sense of morals and ethics. After many visits for manipulations and therapies, I can say without a doubt that Dr. Fielden also cares deeply about his patients' well being. I have sought treatment from Dr. Fielden for "routine maintenance" manipulations and for multiple spinal disc herniations with sciatica and am very pleased with the results and quality of care that he provides. I would highly recommend Dr. Fielden to anyone looking for chiropractic therapies, but most specifically to those who have never tried chiropractic before and are concerned/afraid of any preconceived notions about chiropractic therapies. He is very thorough in explanation and takes the necessary time to educate as well as manipulate. Give Dr. Fielden a try and you will understand why I recommend him to everyone I know."

- Rob B.

"Last year I injured my back and went to Dr. Fielden for assistance. Dr. Fielden was very knowledgeable and was able to sort me out. Overall a very positive experience and I would recommend this practice to any friend of family member!"

- Kevin M.

"Advanced Care Chiropractic and Rehab is the place to go if you're thinking about seeing a chiropractor. They are organized, friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and will work with your schedule. Sandy, the receptionist, will get your visit off with a smooth start. Dr. Fielden is friendly, educated, and will explain things every step of the way on your road to healing."

- Anonymous

"Dr. Fielden and the spinal decompression treatments he performed literally have changed the quality of my life. I am without pain for the first time in years! Make the commitment to undergo the series of treatments and I promise you it will change your life. First rate doctor!"

- Anonymous

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