Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal Decompression Therapy is now being utilized in over 3,000 medical, orthopedic, chiropractic, and pain management centers nationwide. Medical studies have shown that a high percentage of people undergoing this procedure can expect significant to complete relief of their symptoms with properly selected candidates. Please watch the video below to understand the basics of this procedure.Here you will find extensive information on this new breakthrough procedure for herniated discs, low back pain, sciatica, arm and leg pain, neck pain, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease.

How It Works

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression is a revolutionary new technology used primarily to treat disc problems in the neck and in the low back. This treatment option is very safe and utilizes FDA cleared equipment to apply distraction forces to spinal structures in a precise and graduated manner. Distraction is offset by cycles of partial relaxation. This technique of spinal decompression therapy, that is, unloading due to distraction and positioning, has shown the ability to gently separate the vertebrae from each other, creating a vacuum inside the discs that we are targeting. This "vacuum effect" is also known as negative intra-discal pressure.

Decompression therapy is making headlines nationwide:

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“It Gave Me My Life Back”

The negative pressure may induce the retraction of the herniated or bulging disc into the inside of the disc, and off the nerve root, thecal sac, or both. It happens only microscopically each time, but cumulatively, over four to six weeks, the results are quite dramatic.

The cycles of decompression and partial relaxation, over a series of visits, promote the diffusion of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids from the outside of the discs to the inside. These nutrients enable the torn and degenerated disc fibers to begin to heal.

What Equipment Is Used?

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There are many different manufacturers that produce spinal decompression therapy equipment. After in depth research our facility has chosen the Eurotech ATX. With the ATX Spinal

Decompression Table, unlike any other decompression tables from other manufacturers, you have a full variety of body positioning options. The ATX is the only decompression device that allows for side bending, rotation, and flexion/extension of the body during decompression therapy. Disc and joint problems occur in 3 dimensions and need to be treated with precise 3D body positioning during decompression therapy to obtain the quickest and best p

ossible results. The flexibility that the ATX equipment provides in this regard is what sets it apart from all other decompression equipment. Many people who have failed to achieve satisfactory results with other types of decompression therapy can often find relief with the ATX system.

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For low back/leg pain, the patient lies comfortably on his/her back or stomach on the decompression table, with a set of nicely padded straps snug around the waist and another set around the lower chest. For neck/arm pain, the patient lies comfortably on his/her back with a pair of soft rubber pads behind the neck. Many patients enjoy the treatment, as it is usually quite comfortable and well tolerated. There is even a DVD/CD player for you to help pass the time while you undergo therapy.

Each treatment takes about 30 to 45 minutes. The average treatment protocol is approximately 16 to 28 treatments within a four to eight week period of time, depending on the individual's case.

The therapy may also include electric stimulation, ultrasound, thermotherapy (heat), and cryotherapy (cold) before, during, and/or after the treatment. Your doctor will use these therapies when appropriate. All of the above aid to accelerate the healing process.


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An essential part of the rehabilitation program are problem specific spinal exercises. To help speed recovery and minimize the chance for future reoccurance we prescribe and train you in specific exercises to address your individual muscular defeciencies. These muscular and postural imbalances often play a big role in developing disc problems.

Are there any reasons that I can't undergo this type of therapy?

The doctor has to determine if you are a candidate as there are certain conditions for which this therapy would be contraindicated. The doctors perform a screening process and only then accept the cases they think this therapy can help the most.

Certain people are not candidates for spinal decompression therapy and usually have conditions such as:

  • TumorsKevin Fielder pt
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurism
  • Fractures
  • Metal Implants/Screws/Plates in spine
  • Advanced Osteoporosis
  • Pregnancy or
  • Certain conditions (diseases) that compromise the structural integrity of the spine and discs. These conditions are present in only a small percentage of the population.


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